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TaleMed Travel Nursing: What You Need to Know

Travel nursing is an emerging trend in the healthcare industry that offers registered nurses (RNs) flexible job opportunities while exploring different locations. If you’re someone who loves to travel, adventure and help others, then becoming a travel nurse may be the perfect profession for you. One company that has made a name for itself in the travel nursing industry is TaleMed. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about TaleMed travel nursing, including what it is, how it works, and the benefits of working with this company.

What Is TaleMed Travel Nursing?

TaleMed is a healthcare staffing agency that specializes in travel nursing assignments. Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in Loveland, Ohio, and has been providing healthcare professionals with temporary contract employment opportunities in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities throughout the United States. TaleMed travel nursing provides experienced RNs with personalized career management services, including locating jobs, housing arrangements, and travel logistics.

How Does TaleMed Travel Nursing Work?

The TaleMed travel nursing process is a three-step process: application, placement, and assignment. Let’s look at each one in more detail.

1. Application

To apply for a job with TaleMed, interested candidates must first complete the agency’s online application form. Here applicants will be asked to provide information about skills, education, licensure, and experience. They will also be required to submit a resume and a list of three professional references. Once the application has been submitted, a TaleMed recruiter will contact the candidate for an initial screening interview to determine eligibility and job preferences.

2. Placement

TaleMed staffing agency has a team of recruiters who specialize in certain healthcare areas, such as intensive care units (ICUs), operating rooms, pediatric care, and more. After the initial screening, TaleMed’s recruiters will work to place the applicant in an assignment that matches their skillset and preferences. The company has partnerships with several healthcare facilities to help match nurses with the right job opportunities. Once an assignment becomes available, the recruiter will present the opportunity to the candidate, and if selected, the candidate will be presented with an offer letter.

3. Assignment

Once the nursing assignment has been accepted, TaleMed recruiters will assist the candidate with travel logistics, including housing arrangements, transportation, and assignments details. TaleMed provides travel reimbursements for mileage, flight, hotel, and rental cars if applicable. The company also offers health and dental insurance, paid vacation, and other benefits to help ensure employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Working with TaleMed Travel Nursing

TaleMed provides skilled RNs with the opportunity to travel across the country while earning an excellent salary and benefits package. Besides the chance to explore new locations and meet new people, TaleMed travel nursing offers several benefits, including:

1. Competitive Pay

TaleMed is known for offering excellent compensation packages that provide competitive pay rates, weekly direct deposit, and bonuses for producing excellent work. The Pay rate is dependent on several factors, including the level of experience, location, and specialty.

2. Flexibility

TaleMed provides RNs with flexible schedules, including part-time and full-time contract assignments. Job opportunities may vary from only a few weeks to several months or years, depending on the assignment type. This flexibility allows nurses to take time off between assignments and explore new locations without job commitments.

3. Comprehensive Benefits

TaleMed offers its nurses with comprehensive benefits packages that include medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as 401(k), vacation time, and holidays. The company also covers travel and housing expenses in most circumstances, making it easier for nurses to travel.

4. Support and Assistance

TaleMed’s team of recruiters provides support and assistance throughout the entire travel nursing process. The recruiters work tirelessly to match job candidates with the best opportunities and provide advice and guidance on everything from job applications to lifestyle recommendations when traveling to different locations. This support is invaluable when traveling and working in unfamiliar locations.

5. Advanced Training Opportunities

TaleMed’s travel nursing assignments allow RNs to gain experience working in different healthcare settings, which can lead to professional development opportunities. The company also provides advanced training courses, such as certification classes, to help its nurses expand their skillset.


TaleMed travel nursing is an excellent opportunity for RNs who want to explore new locations while earning a competitive salary and benefits package. The company provides its nurses with support and guidance throughout the entire process, including job placement, housing arrangements, and travel logistics. If you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse, consider working with TaleMed, a company that has been providing RNs with quality jobs and outstanding benefits since 2006.