2022: Best Travel Nursing Agencies Rated #1 thru #5

2022: Best Travel Nursing Agencies Rated #1 thru #5
2022: Best Travel Nursing Agencies Rated #1 thru #5

Hello! Anthony Colón RN here from the FENIX agency and the owner of the blog called Travel Nursing Answers, Advice & Tips PLUS Mentorship.

Unfortunately, I can't meet everyone's needs & goals. Therefore, I refer those I can't help to my trusted recruiter colleagues who likely can help. I just ask that you mention and insert my name onto your application. Thanks a lot!

If you're still looking for top-rated Travel Nurse agencies to provide you a great experience and the best Travel Nursing job, you'll find that there are way too many to choose from. I've made it easy for you to make your choice! 

For your sake, I've utilized reviews of staffing companies and came up with these top-rated Travel Nursing agencies. You certainly could, on your own, check out over 250 travel nursing companies with ratings and reviews scattered across multiple resources, or you could let me help you here.

Rating Services Aggregated and Sources:

  1. Highway Hypodermics
  2. Travel Nursing Central
  3. Facebook
  4. Indeed
  5. Glassdoor
  6. Google
  7. Travel Nursing Blogs

Why 5?

My list includes the 5 highest scoring travel nursing companies that:

  • met my minimum requirements,
  • have been delivering excellent service, and  
  • worthy of your consideration.

The more companies a traveler works with:

  • the more access they have to the job market, 
  • the faster they land jobs, 
  • the more money they make, 
  • the better service they receive, 
  • and much more. 

These 5 companies combined have access to nearly 100% of the open jobs on the market at any given time. Moreover, different companies provide different types of services and benefits. Therefore, your unique circumstances and requirements will determine which companies on the list are the best fit for you.

They Are All Great Choices

This best Travel Nurse agencies list also has my personal best recruiters attached to them. So you not only get the best agencies, but you also get the best recruiters from each individual agency! I've developed these relationships with them for your benefit. These are recruiters I know of on a professional level and highly recommend.

By working with these agencies and recruiters, you'll get:

-to cut to the front of the line,

-VIP service from them,

-a quicker response, and

-ongoing support you'll need to be successful.

you'll have colleagues on the Facebook support group and this blog to get answers, advice, and tips PLUS Mentorship.


#1 Travel Nurses, Inc


Apply for a position with Travel Nurses Inc using my referral link:   https://travelnursesinc.staffingreferrals.com/apply/acolon


Recruiter: Tori Goff 


#2 Soliant 

Apply for a position with Soliant using my referral link:

The Best Travel Nursing Companies – 2018 per BluePipes

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Recruiter: Steve Yang AKA Mr. Cath Lab


#3  Amare Medical Network 

Apply for a position with Amare Medical Network using my referral link:

Get a $2,000 bonus when you get the job.

Recruiter: Brittney Jackson


#4  Marvel Medical Staffing 

Apply for a position with Marvel Medical Staffing using my referral link:

Recruiter: Tristan Costanzo


#5  MAS Medical Staffing

Apply for a position with MAS Medical Staffing using my referral link:   https://masmedicalstaffing.staffingreferrals.com/apply/acolnrn



Recruiter: Nick Gypsy