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Anthony Colón RN here. Welcome to my blog! I've been an RN for 25 years and a Travel Nurse as well. My blog offers advice, answers, tips PLUS Mentorship regarding Travel Nursing. I hand-selected my most trusted colleagues from my own personal network to be your definitive guides and mentors.


She answers a bunch of questions about travel nursing! What it is... How to become one... Pros/cons... and more...

🏠Travel Nurse Housing🏡

🏡In this post housing is our focus for what is travel nurse housing and other travel nursing housing matters. A Traveling Nurse needs to know for example how much does the agency pays towards this. There are lots of websites to help you. Perhaps you'll go with the travel nursing housing stipend, or go and find your own travel nursing lodging. If you're looking into travel nursing housing in New York City for places/rooms to rent, travel nursing rentals there and in other areas are a breed of their own.🏠

🤑Travel Nursing Benefits and Perks of Being a Travel Nurse😉

👍👌👊There are many reasons to start travel nursing. In fact, there are more career advantages to becoming a Travel Nurse today than ever before and few disadvantages. Being a Travel Nurse has benefits. You'll want to find the best career boosting Travel Nursing companies to avoid the disadvantages. Health insurance benefits vary from job to job. Travel Nursing jobs as a nurse (travel RN or LPN) can have top pay and salary with tax breaks to boot. The demand is such that unemployment benefit insurance is a moot point - you unlikely will ever need it since we are now in the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic.👏🙌💰

👍 Travel Nursing Agencies - Which one is best for you? 👎

If you're looking for an agency or agencies which are the best and will provide you a top experience for how great Travel Nursing is as a job for RNs and LPNs, there are many near me and you for a nurse to choose from in nursing specialties that pay high. Make your choice utilizing reviews of these types of staffing companies who are at the top of their travel nursing game geared to travel vs permanent roles. What would be best for you based on these several years' reviews to which you can pick?👎👍

Travel Nursing job market during this pandemic

Travel nurse jobs were abundant in New York and other hard-hit COVID-19 areas. Relief Travel Nursing during this pandemic has unique job market conditions you can learn about here. 

TRAVEL NURSING: What you ACTUALLY need to know!

Travel Nursing Mentorship: What's in it for YOU - PART 1

Welcome to PART 1 of Travel Nursing Mentorship: What's in it for YOU. 

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