About FENIX Health Staff

FHS's mission statement is: To develop long-lasting mentoring relationships built on trust, kindness, and respect with the professionals who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

What makes the FENIX your best option is that, unlike every other agency out there, we have a strong foundation of mentorship. First and foremost, we encourage mentoring relationships through our Facebook group and blog that, at this time, have over 10,000 of your colleagues standing ready to provide you answers, advice, tips, plus mentorship to ensure your success.

Finding your next contract is typically frustrating, time-consuming, and exhausting. Hopefully, you'll allow us to show you we're on your side and want you to make the best decisions when taking a travel nurse contract.

Dr. Parvez Gondal

Dr. Parvez Gondal has over 35 years of healthcare industry experience and is one of the pioneering leaders to implement innovative ideas to help service the needs of hospitals across the USA. Dr. Gondal is the founding member of United Staffing Solutions Inc. (USSI), which was founded in 1996 as a result a three-way merger of his previously founded staffing agency, United Health Staff based in San Diego, California. Dr. Gondal originally founded United Health Staff in 1991, which specialized in Medical Professional Staffing, Auto Transfusion, Cell Saver, IABP Training, CME services, and Industrial Staffing. Before starting United Health Staff, Dr. Gondal was the Chief of Anesthesia for Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, Santa Marta, and Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital. He also specialized in Cardiac Anesthesia and Pain Management. Dr. Gondal is a serial entrepreneur as he started and ran several medically related enterprises including Doctor’s Own Company, which is a medical billing company, and Marina Del Rey Pain Center, which is a patient clinic as well as a Pain Management Center. He is currently developing software for Healthcare and has started a company to improve Hospital Revenues by CDI, DRG Validation, and Denial Management for Hospital claims. Dr. Gondal is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Parvez Gondal, MD is actively involved in various charities including the Charitable Foundation for Higher Education of Underprivileged. It is his passion to ensure that underprivileged children are given the opportunities through education as Dr. Gondal himself achieved his dreams through scholastic achievement grants from the Saigol Foundation in 1967. Dr. Gondal attended King Edward Medical College in Pakistan (Doctor of Medicine from the University of Punjab) and became the first handicapped man in the history of the world to become a medical doctor. Beyond his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for medicine, he is an instrument-rated, FAA Certified multi-engine licensed pilot who enjoys the freedom of flying.

Anthony Colón RN

Anthony serves as an advisor to nurses looking to comparison-shop and make informed decisions regarding their first or next Travel Nurse contract. He's a former Travel Nurse with 25 years of RN experience. He will help you get a high pay Travel Nurse job that will allow you to provide safe and quality care.