Experience the Big Apple and Beyond: A Guide to Travel Nursing in New York

Travel nursing in New York is a challenging and rewarding experience for nurses who have a passion for exploring new places while making a meaningful difference in patient care. New York is a state known for its diverse population, bustling cities, and stunning natural landscapes. Nurses who take on a travel assignment in New York can expect to be placed in a variety of healthcare settings, from large hospital systems to small rural clinics. This article will explore the topic of travel nursing in New York, providing insight into what the experience is like, what to expect, and how to prepare for the journey ahead.

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is a career path that involves working as a temporary nurse in various healthcare facilities across the country. Nurses who pursue this career typically sign contracts for 13 weeks or longer and are often provided with furnished housing and travel expenses. The goal of travel nursing is to fill staffing gaps in facilities where there is a high demand for specialized nurses. Nurses who pursue travel nursing often do so both for the adventure of living in new places and for the professional growth opportunities that come from experiencing different healthcare settings and patient populations.

What to Expect as a Travel Nurse in New York

New York is one of the most popular states for travel nurses due to its high population density, diverse cultural offerings, and a range of healthcare facilities. Travel nurses who come to New York can expect to work in different settings, from urban hospitals to rural clinics. New York has many large hospital systems, including Northwell Health, Montefiore Medical Center, and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, among others. Still, it also has smaller community hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and private practices that sometimes struggle to attract and retain nurses.

Given the diversity of healthcare settings in New York, travel nurses will face varying work environments and patient populations, which can expand their healthcare knowledge and experience. As with any travel nursing assignment, it is essential to be adaptable, flexible, and open to new experiences.

New York offers unique challenges for travel nurses, including high patient acuity, a range of cultural and linguistic needs, and a high number of uninsured and underinsured patients, particularly in urban areas. Healthcare providers in New York must be prepared to work with a range of patients and provide the best possible care while managing limited resources.

To work as a travel nurse in New York, one must have a nursing degree, a valid nursing license, and relevant certifications. Depending on the assignment, travel nurses may require additional certifications in advanced practices like trauma, critical care, or emergency nursing. For instance, travel nurses who want to work in New York's emergency departments or emergency clinics must hold an advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification.

Benefits of Travel Nursing in New York

Travel nurses are among the most in-demand healthcare professionals in the current job market, thanks to the growing nurse shortage in the United States. As a result, travel nurses can earn competitive salaries, often more than those of permanent nurse positions. Additionally, travel nurses typically have coveted benefits like health insurance, 401(k) plans, and paid vacations.

Travel nursing in New York brings unique benefits that may not be available elsewhere. First, nurses who work in New York can access some of the country's finest healthcare facilities with cutting-edge technology and higher patient acuity due to diverse cultural populations with varied healthcare needs. The state's many healthcare facilities allow travel nurses to pick assignments that align with their professional interests and goals.

Second, travel nurses in New York can take advantage of their free time to explore the state's many cultural offerings and natural wonders. New York is known for its world-famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Empire State Building, among others. Nurses who love the outdoors can hike in the Catskill Mountains, the Finger Lakes region, or visit famous landmarks like Niagara Falls.

Due to New York's diverse cultural population, nurses can also expect to be placed in different ethnic neighborhoods that offer unique cuisines, social experiences, and festivities. For example, New York's Little Italy, Chinatown, and Harlem neighborhoods lure people from all over the world with their delectable foods, prominent public events, and cultural landmarks.

Lastly, travel nurses in New York can network with different healthcare providers and gain valuable experience in a range of healthcare settings. New York's large healthcare systems offer significant learning opportunities and pave the way for smoother advancement in the nursing profession.

Preparing for a Travel Nursing Job in New York

Like any new endeavor, preparing for travel nursing in New York requires research, preparation, and a positive mindset. Below are some steps to help you prepare for your travel nursing job:

1. Research the different New York healthcare facilities and decide on your preferred work location.

2. Ensure that your nursing license, certifications, and documents are up-to-date and fulfill the state's requirements.

3. Have a trusted and reputable travel nursing staffing company that can offer support and guidance throughout the process.

4. Consider the weather, transportation, and other logistics that come with living in different parts of New York.

5. Research housing options with your staffing agency, or research apartments and rental homes in your preferred location.

6. Understand and prepare for New York's local customs, laws, and practices.

7. Utilize your free time to explore the state's natural landmarks and cultural offerings.

Top Cities for Travel Nurses in New York

New York is home to some of the most well-known and vibrant cities in the world. Here are four cities that travel nurses should consider when looking for travel nursing jobs in New York.

1. New York City

New York City is one of the top cities for travel nurses in New York. With its world-renowned hospitals, museums, and theatres, New York City is an exciting and enticing place to live and work. Nurses can explore a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its own unique culture and charm. The cost of living in New York City is high, but the high pay rates of travel nurses make it a lucrative option for those looking for an adventure but won’t break the bank.

2. Rochester

Rochester is home to several well-regarded hospitals, including the University of Rochester Medical Center, making it an attractive destination for travel nurses in New York. The city has a dynamic and growing downtown, with plenty of restaurants, bars, and museums. Rochester is also surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, making it a great place to explore the outdoors.

3. Syracuse

Syracuse is located in central New York and is home to several top hospitals, including Upstate Medical University. The city has a growing and vibrant downtown area, that provides ample opportunities for entertainment and culture. Nurses can also explore various parks and nature trails around Syracuse, providing a perfect work-life balance.

4. Albany

Albany is the capital of New York and is known for its historical landmarks and museums. The city is home to well-regarded healthcare facilities, including Albany Medical Center. Nurses can explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods, which provide various dining experiences and outdoor attractions.


Travel nursing in New York can be a fulfilling and enriching experience for nurses looking for a change of scene and professional advancement. Nurses who take on travel nursing assignments in New York must be resilient, adaptable, and open to new experiences. The state offers diverse healthcare settings, unique cultural and natural offerings, and significant learning opportunities. With careful preparation, travel nurses can enjoy a memorable experience in the Empire State, gain valuable skills and advance their careers.


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