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Anthony Colón RN here. Welcome to my blog brought to you by the Travel Nurse Care agency! I've been an RN for 25 years and a Travel Nurse as well. My blog offers advice, answers, tips PLUS Mentorship regarding Travel Nursing. I selected my most trusted colleagues from my own personal network to be your definitive guides and mentors. Click on the Travel Nurse Care agency image below to visit our Facebook page.

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"Health care organizations that contract ... can look to Joint Commission certification as an assurance ... demonstrates a commitment to providing and continuously improving quality services."
Michele Sacco, M.S., executive director, Health Care Staffing Services Certification, The Joint Commission 

"Best company ever to work with!! Always caring!"
Milley Cruz —

"Five Stars"
Sam Jackson —

"... excellent, the best job ever ... are the best. I love my job and working for them…"
Melinda Rodriguez —

"I love working for... The staff is by far the reason I enjoy working for this company. Always willing and eager to help you succeed and meet your goals…"
Latanya Chambers —

"... the best agency ... I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. Keep up with the great work!"
Robert Carson —

What's in it for you?

  • White glove approach to credentialing
  • W2 pay with non-taxable stipends available
  • Very competitive pay rates
  • No-hassle weekly pay via direct deposit every Friday
  • Prizes, recognition, and exposure for outstanding work
  • Insurance benefits
  • Referral bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • RN help desk with a white-glove approach
  • Assignment flexibility that fits the Candidates style
  • Professional culture utilizing best practices and innovation


Q: When and how does a Healthcare Provider receive sign up information for benefits?
A: HR will contact them within two weeks of the contract start date.

Q: When do benefits begin and end?
A: As long as you are contracted for 30 hours or more /week, you will be eligible for benefits upon the start date of your contract. Regarding the end, it's the last day of the month when their contract ends. If they start another contract within 2 weeks, coverage will be extended.

Q: What is COBRA like?
A: After the end of the month, when benefits end, they will receive a COBRA notification that they have 60 days to decide if they want to continue their coverage.

Q: Do your contracts have guaranteed hours?
 A: Yes, most of our contracts guarantee 36-40 hours/week. There are a few facilities that will not ensure hours. The Agency Account Manager will review their assignment's terms before they are asked to sign a contract with the Agency for employment.

Q: How am I paid?
A: The Agency will provide you (the traveler) with weekly timesheets. Your work week typically Starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, to be paid the following Friday. They are then paid weekly, every Friday via direct deposit. The Agencies do not offer daily pay.

Q: Does the Agency provide housing?
A: No, the Agencies do not offer private housing options right now. Some jobs/facilities will offer the traveler shared or private accommodation through the facility. The Agencies instead offer the qualifying traveler tax-free lodging stipends to cover their lodging expenses.

Q: What are the standard hours of your contracts?
A: The standard hours are five - 8-hour shifts, four-10 hour shifts, or three-12 hour shifts. Shift times will vary, Days, Evenings, or Nights, or Rotating. On your days off, working these hours makes it pleasant to explore where you are or go visit home!

Q: How big is the hospital?
A: Save the American Hospital Directory guide to your favorites and reference it:

Q: What are the patient ratios? 
A: You can ask for further info about the unit during your phone interview to make sure it’s a fit for you.

Q: How many unit beds are there for this job? 
A: You can ask any specific questions about the job, unit, or facility during the phone interview with the Facility or, better yet, the Agency, Account Manager.

Q: Am I eligible for travel reimbursement? 
A: Yes, depending on the job, but typically for a 13-week assignment, there is up to $600 travel reimbursement. Mileage is based from Permanent Address to the Facility Address at 53.5 cents per mile up to $300 each way. As long as you work and turn in the timesheet, the mileage is paid on the second and last check.

Q: Am I eligible for license or certification reimbursement?
A: Yes probably, ask your applicable Contract Manager after I submit you.

Q: Does the Agency have an on-call or after-hours coordinator?
A: Yes. The Agency Account Manager will share all the details.

Q: Does the Agency offer benefits? 
A: Yes. The Agency Account Manager will provide all the details.

Q: How am I paid if I am receiving a tax-free stipend?
 A: Plain and simple, you must work the applicable contracted hours each week to ensure full payment of weekly stipends. 

Q: What if my contract states guaranteed hours, and they called me off for low census?
A: In the case of guaranteed hours, note low facility census, what day, and how many hours you were called off for on their timesheet. You will be paid a full stipend. As long as you did NOT volunteer to go home, always let the facility be the one to send home candidates.

Q: What kind of orientation is offered to travels?
A: Orientations may vary. From 1-5 days during the first week of the assignment. This is another excellent question to ask during your phone interview for the job with the Facility.

Q: Do you provide rental cars?
A: No, qualifying travelers will be eligible for stipends to cover lodging and meals & incidentals

Q: What is an extension assignment? 
A: This is an additional agreement/contract you receive from the facility you are currently working with while traveling. Hospitals will sometimes wait until the last few weeks of your assignment to make an extension offer, but you should talk with your recruiter or contracts manager as soon as possible if you are interested in an extension and not wait for the facility to start the process, begin asking the minute you want to stay at the hospital

Q: Can I travel with another traveling professional?
A: Yes. Many traveling RNs special assignments together. You can request to work in the same hospital, the same city, share an apartment or apartment complex. Keep in mind you may not always have the same shift or schedule, so the more flexible, the better

Q: Can I take an assignment close to my home?
A: Some facilities have a radius rule that does not allow you to take a travel nursing assignment within 50 – 100+ miles from your home. This keeps permanent local healthcare professionals from switching to higher-paying travel nursing contracts. In some cases, the facility will have a local rate.