🤑Travel Nursing Benefits and Perks of Being a Travel Nurse😉

👍👌👊There are many reasons to start travel nursing. In fact, there are more career advantages to becoming a Travel Nurse today than ever before and few disadvantages. Being a Travel Nurse has benefits. You'll want to find the best career boosting Travel Nursing companies to avoid the disadvantages. Health insurance benefits vary from job to job. Travel Nursing jobs as a nurse (travel RN or LPN) can have top pay and salary with tax breaks to boot. The demand is such that unemployment benefit insurance is a moot point - you unlikely will ever need it since we are now in the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic.👏🙌💰

If you’re looking for a career in an in-demand field, look no further than nursing. The profession is projected to grow by 15 percent through 2026, which is much faster than the national average for all occupations. As the healthcare industry strives to keep up with the strain placed on it by an aging population, more and more nurses will be needed. There's tons of Travel Nurse information here on my blog to make the right decision. 

This increased demand in healthcare can sometimes be more than a facility can handle. That’s where a traveling nurse comes in—they travel across the country to the places most in need of them. With each new location comes fresh challenges, people, and adventures.

If you're a nurse, you have so many opportunities in front of you. You probably are wondering what I'm speaking about, but just think about it. You have an opportunity to help people all around the world with your healing skills. If you're searching for a more rewarding and gratifying way to use your nursing skills, you might wish to consider travel nursing. As with anything, you should do so your homework and find out if this is right for you, especially whether you have got a family since the decision will influence all of you, not just yourself. 

Assignments for traveling nurses can range from 13 to 26 weeks and are available for many different types of nurses. These nurses are considered independent contractors and often work for travel nursing agencies that specialize in finding assignments and negotiating pay and benefits. Among the first things you'll notice is that travel nurses make a good salary and have good benefits. 

How much do travel nurses make? It's not unusual for travel nurses to make from $30 to $48 per hour and more. This will all depend on how much experience you've and if you're specialized in any area. Regardless of where you're living, in either the U.S. Or overseas, you'll be the employee of the recruiting agency who hired you. Consequently, you'll have medical benefits, 401 benefits as well as stipends for accommodation and food. You'll also have your travel costs paid whenever you work through an agency. In case you've worked as a nurse on hospital staff, you might be looking at making twice the income if you become a travel nurse.

Even if you work for another hospital, you'll get paid more simply because you're a travel nurse. Another excellent advantage of being a travel nurse is that you make your very own hours. It's nearly like being a freelancer in the nursing profession. Which means no working holidays or weekends if you don't want to work them. You can pretty much set how much or how little you wish to work, at least if you're working at the U.S. Working overseas can be somewhat different, depending upon the situation you're in. Among the biggest things which attract individuals to travel nursing is the excellent housing that's offered in very attractive locations across the nation.

The housing is free and, depending on what country you're living in, typically very top-notch. There's the possibility that you'll have a roommate, but if that's the case you'll have a two-bedroom apartment. If you'll not have a roommate then you'll get a one fully furnished bedroom apartment. If you decide you would like to find your very own housing then you'll get a stipend for housing.

Below here is what I think are the top benefits and perks of it all:

1. A flexible schedule! Take a break when you need to, between contracts, or to be near family so you don't miss those family events. 

2. Well-compensated! Yes, you'll work hard for your money. However, you'll make a lot more than your stationary/permanent counterparts. The top-paying Travel Nursing jobs are found in your specialty or if you were to work overtime. Carefully consider location i.e., State and City as well to get top pay. 

3. You can Travel about knowing you have the money to do so because of job security and peace of mind!

4. Perks and incentives above and beyond standard benefits you’ll receive, such as health and dental coverage! Travel Nursing companies will:
  • find assignments for you,
  • cover the costs of travel,
  • find or provide free or reduced-price travel nurse housing, and
  • some even cover utilities.
5. Expand your career and specialty horizons!
I suggest you dabble in a variety of areas to help you decide which you like best, be confident, then settle in one place to take a permanent position. Perhaps you'll be working for a for-profit, nonprofit, trauma centers, and community hospitals. The relieving part is that you'll commit for only 4, 8, or 13 weeks (more or less) - anybody can tolerate something not up their alley for that long.

6. Learn skills beyond nursing! Get adaptable, think critically, and learn to communicate well through it plus
  • hone your nursing skills,
  • develop a variety of other intangible skills valued in the workplace,
  • different types of specialty settings such as ICUs,
  • unique patient experiences, and 
  • different people and situations.
Your resume will blossom with experiences that demonstrate practical skills to help you in life. You'll need these to just pick up and move then get quickly acquainted around your new and ever-changing surroundings.

7. Build your network! Beyond Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - your colleagues are there online to friend. You'll work with ancillary departments from a variety of healthcare professions. Perhaps you'll get references or wind of other opportunities through those relationships. There's room for advancement and gold in these hills.

8. Workplace politics are minimized! Because you'll only be in the trenches there typically from three to six months. Less time there equals less drama to deal with. 

As you can tell, it's not hard to sell Travel Nursing as a career option!

Stay safe and sound,

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