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🏡In this post housing is our focus for what is travel nurse housing and other travel nursing housing matters. A Traveling Nurse needs to know for example how much does the agency pays towards this. There are lots of websites to help you. Perhaps you'll go with the travel nursing housing stipend, or go and find your own travel nursing lodging. If you're looking into travel nursing housing in New York City for places/rooms to rent, travel nursing rentals there and in other areas are a breed of their own.🏠
Travel nurses must consider many variables when they choose to accept a travel nursing company’s housing. It’s not as simple as companies make it sound. You will inevitably encounter unwanted surprises if you don't cover all the bases. There's a lot to know about travel nurse housing.

First, you need to evaluate the choice between company housing and reimbursement as well as finding your own. Questions such as whether or not it is taxable need consideration. Perhaps your route will be to use a tax-home the IRS will allow. However, the benefits you take could down the line be considered taxable income. 

Also, you'll need to consider the types of preferences such as if you want a furnished or unfurnished apartment. It may be less expensive than lodging if you go the reimbursement route offered by your agency. Common options offered include Motels, Hotels, Extended Stay, Hospital Lodging, Stays, vacation rentals, even share rentals. Be aware short-term leases charge a premium typically; You may get to waive the deposit by signing the long-term.

Aim for a 30-minute commute to your job location. You'll need to be proactive looking for a good deal. Whatever you do, get a quote package that includes everything.

Remember, when you're interviewing for the position, these housing matters need to be discussed to get you a jump on things and to account for what's budgeted to avoid a net loss.  Plus you don't want to be scammed.

So if it's furnished, does it also have utilities? Is it in a nice location that's secure?

Amenities for housing may include gyms, pools, Jacuzzis, house-keeping, service, breakfast, restaurant on grounds, kitchen, other rooms. 

Extended stays tend to be the costliest but they are equipped with a kitchenette including a refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, sink, and a stove. 

  • interior? 
  • exterior? 
  • parking? 
  • gym facilities?
  • breakfast? 
  • cafe-restaurant?
  • daily housekeeping?
  • Wi-Fi? 
  • kitchenette? 
  • toaster? 
  • frying pan? 
  • microwave? 
  • oven? 
  • coffee pot? 
  • laundry room? 
  • ironing board? 
  • storage? 
  • bed situation? 
  • sofa pull out? 
  • hidden fees? 
  • pets/ pet deposit? 
  • smoking? 
  • children?
  •  spouses/partners? 
  • fitness center? 
  • pool?
  • office center (fax, copy, print)?
Once you get an apartment/housing offer get right into your To-Do Before Move Into Activity Checklist which should include both your needs and wants:
  • address
  • contacts
  • confirmation
  • arrival date
  • research crime rates, location, police force online
  • drive around neighborhoods to assess
  • get a copy of the lease 
  • after-hours maintenance/emergency number?
  • pet?
  • rules?
  • pre-inspection (photos of previous damages and letting the manager know)
  • check windows, latches, and locks. 

Most options will need a credit check. If you have less than perfect credit, join Creditkarma.com to help clean things up. There are lots of website resources that can help you as well.

I've included some content about the option to live in an RV as a Travel Nurse


Housing Resources & Classified ads


Free classifieds that are often your best resource for finding short term housing, sublets, roommates, and furniture (often free just for taking it away).

Online newspapers

Links to every local paper that is online. Good for cruising housing classifieds before arrival in a city.


Apartment Complexes

These links help you locate apartment complexes and their websites/property managers. You can find information about general pricing and rules (but call to confirm - rules are sometimes different). Some sites have user reviews and the last link is nothing but reviews.




   Apartment Ratings


Find a roommate


It's the most common way to find a roommate.



Below are both well-established sites that are especially useful for short stays.




Sublet sites 

Some travelers have found housing from these sites, generally pricey though.


Vacation home rentals by owner 


This site aggregates the listings from Airbnb, VRBO, Flipkey, and Homeaway.

Medical Travel Housing Specialists

Many travel companies are sourcing their housing through these third party sites. Travelers can use them directly for turnkey all-inclusive housing.

        Travelers Haven

    Furnished Finders


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